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"Virginia Woolf" © Cara Gay Driscoll
Virginia Woolf

When I was commissioned to make "Virginia Woolf", I confess I knew little about her. I knew that every woman should have a room of one's own and a little money in order to write fiction. I also found the Bloomsbury group to be a bit tedious with all their affairs and their intellectual snobbery. But I discovered that I had been unduly influenced by popular propaganda, and that I was afraid of the big bad Woolf. Ironically, when I discuss the women of the bible, I warn against being influenced by paintings, movies, and images. Then I realized I was guilty of responding not to Virginia Woolf, the woman, but to Virginia Woolf, the icon.

Now, I hold the writings of Virginia Woolf in high esteem. I am grateful for the commission. The inside text is from her novel The Waves:  "We are only lightly covered with buttoned cloth; and beneath these pavements are shells, bones and silence."

The exterior of the vessel is wavy, symbolic of Woolf's emotional personality and a reference to the novel's title. There is a tiny button at her neck that hints at what the text might be. She is tall and elegant, long-necked with arms akimbo to capture her determined stance.

As I attempt to sort out the poetic language and try to understand what makes the person or the character, I realize that there is certainly a rich source of wisdom and spiritual insight in her writings. But there is also still some mystery. And therein lies the beauty.

30 cm h, 2004 (collection of L. Fish)

"Virginia seems demure on my mantlepiece. I notice she has flashes of vanity and pride which she doesn't attempt to hide. Really she can be quite brazen. I think she senses how much I admire her, and takes advantage of her heroine worship. I can't deny she looks regal and imposing in her present location."  — a note from L. Fish
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