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"Hagar" © Cara Gay Driscoll


Hagar is a character from Margaret Laurence’s The Stone Angel. This book had a profound effect upon me and remains one of my favourite novels. The vessel was made for Contemporary Prairie Clay, an exhibition at the Art Gallery of South West Manitoba in Brandon. I thought Hagar Shipley was just the right character for that exhibition.  

While the clay is still wet, I inscribe text to the interior of the vessel. In this case the inside text is from page 40 of The Stone Angel. It also seems to me to be that her character was influenced by the Egyptian slave Hagar, from the biblical account of Sarah and Hagar.

The inside text reads:  "Here we sit, the little minister straight from the book, bashful and youngly anxious, and I the Egyptian, not dancing now with rowan berries in her hair, but sadly altered."

(collection of M. Quenneville)

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