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Cocoon, ©2010 Cara Driscoll  


This vessel was made for an integrative project for the Prairie Jubilee Program for Spiritual Direction. It was meant to integrate creatively the experience of the past two years. While the clay is still wet, I inscribe text which reveals or conceals something about the vessel being depicted. The inside text reads: 'Cocoon' – protection for the vulnerable.

It has been my experience that any time we open ourselves to growth or transformation, it is a time of vulnerability. Initially, I wrapped the vessel with a protective shell. Aesthetically, I did not care for the result so I removed the shell intending on removing all of it. I seemed to like the little bits and pieces and the resulting scars. I fired it and glazed it as it was. Ironically, this spoke more poignantly of the experience of the past two years.

I was very touched by some responses towards the vessel. It seems they were drawn towards the scars and fingered them tenderly. This was an affirmation of the spiritual content. In June of 2010 I completed the program and am now a Spiritual Director. It is my intention to integrate more deeply the spiritual content in my artwork.

Porcelain, glaze
25.5 cm x 23.5 cm
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