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About the Book

Giulia, by Cara Driscoll


Giulia (pronounced Julia) was the daughter of Caesar Augustus. Arrested
for adultery and treason, Giulia is banished to the island of Pandateria for five years where she spends her days in the company of three servants, musing about former lovers, lost friends and the children she was forced to abandon.

This story of exile is woven together with historical fact and imagination. It takes place during a time of transition from acquiring land to build the Roman Empire to the implementation of the Pax Romana.

Giulia offers readers of historical fiction a compelling, introspective story of controversy and rebellion in the age of the Roman Empire.

“Just heard your interview... It was great!  You sounded very good, relaxed and articulate. You were so eloquent re: your reason for working with this theme and learning to be alone and not lonely. Well said, and certainly it related the book to the contemporary issues of COVID very well. I really enjoyed the interview and I'm really enjoying the book, too!”                                                                                   — Martha Cole

“I read it! It's really good!. I have spent much time in Rome touring the museums and ruins, so I found the book especially interesting. Congratulations!!” — Edie Marshall

“Congratulations!  It was beautiful. You were so articulate and clear, & you had a good chance to capture the essence. Wonderful to hear.  I hope you gain a fanfare.” — Mary S.

“What an amazing interview! ┬áIt was so deep and cogent and relaxed. Wonderful!”                                                                                                         — MaryBelle Powers

  Giulia, published by Friesen Press
by Cara G. Driscoll

Hardcover, paperback, 6.0" x 9.0", 180 pages 
Released: May 2021
ISBN: 978-1-5525-8950-8
Categories: Fiction, historical, ancient ; Fiction, biographical

Available online through Amazon, Chapters-Indigo, Friesen Press, or (if you are close to Regina) directly from the Author.

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