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Synopsis:  The year is 2 B.C. Giulia, the daughter of Caesar Augustus and his former wife Scribonia, has just been exiled to the island of Pandateria for five years for her licentious behaviour. Giulia has also just been divorced from her third husband, Tiberius, a union that  was meant to strengthen the empire.

This story of exile is woven together with historical facts and imagination. Giulia's behaviour was contrary to the higher moral standards that her father, Caesar Augustus was attempting to implement in Roman society. Giulia is traumatized by the experience of exile. Being removed from all that is familiar is an agonizing slow process that moves her from shock to a subtle transformation.


“What a fantastic book! I will be recommending it to all my friends. Your detailed descriptions of the external world and internal world of people's thinking were vivid and your use of similar and metaphor were creative. I don't typically mark up novels, but I found myself underlining many lines and tagging a few pages where I particularly loved how you used language and descriptions.

When I finished reading the book I felt a visceral sense of satisfaction, a feeling I get from very few authors (Louise Penny, is one). I hope you intend to write more books!”
                                                                                                  — Lynn Robertson

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