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It took several years just dealing with form before I was able to experiment with organic and figurative vessels. The results have been displayed in several exhibitions. The Blue Show in 1998 dealt with aesthetics and functionality, and perhaps was the catalyst that led to a more conceptual aspect in my work.

In  Content (1997 and 1999), I continued to question the cultural and historical aspects that shaped my thinking and therefore my work.

In the exhibition The Forgotten Women of the Bible (2000), I continued with the theme of literature, art, and popular culture as forces that shape our thinking. Intensive research of the biblical women led to a more spiritual aspect, which focused more on other women than on myself. It became important to share the spiritual insights of these women with others. The silenced women, the women with no identity, the women with a voice that ought to be heard became the focus. By giving them form, I hope to give them a voice.

The Path to Mary (2003, 2004 and 2005) is an art installation that is about others. It is their contribution that has given the art work the meaningful content it was meant to have.

The women I have portrayed in my work have given me spiritual insight, which I enjoy sharing with people throughout workshops, lectures and retreats

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